Nutritional High – Interview with Jim Frazier

marijuana entrepreneur jim frazier

Our team recently had the opportunity to interview Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High. Frazier brings 26 years of high level corporate experience in the food industry, a track record of developing branded and private label programs, and profit driven results. Since starting as CEO at Nutritional High, brand vision and creativity has been top of mind for Frazier and his team. As we discuss, navigating the cannabis space has presented some challenges… but also a host of opportunities. Recently, Nutritional High’s Colorado production and extraction facility (Palo Verde) filled a large order of FLI branded vape pen cartridges for consumer sale. We have a feeling that this is just the start of a great future for this company.

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Company Profiles – Nutritional High International Inc.

Hi I am here with David Posner, CEO of Nutritional High. Thanks for joining us. First of all great presentation and what do you have planned for Canada?

Well it’s really interesting because I am born and bred in Toronto, so we have been publicly traded in Canada, and we were the first Canadian company to start focusing in on the USA marijuana industry. Our focus started and I guess you could say we first got our feet wet starting with Canopy Growth, doing consulting on the extraction side. We started off with creating some gel caps and different forms of pills.

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Company Profiles – HempMed (MYM Nutraceuticals)

As part of our New Features section, we hope to give our readers a closer perspective into the Hemp and Cannabis industry by featuring new and upcoming companies. We will focus on giving you a snapshot of where that company is today and what they intend to do for future growth. This month’s inaugural Company Insight will look at HempMed (MYM Nutraceuticals).

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Curved Papers with Michael O’Malley

mike o malley curved papers

We just bumped into Michael O’Malley at the LIFT Conference, the owner and operator of Curved Papers! Michael what do you think of this year’s show and what do you think of the latest legislation announcement for cannabis in Canada?

LIFT is the best show we’ve done in Canada since we opened the company up here in 2015. In 2017, there is a heightened dialog because of the Trudeau government’s forward movement toward legalization. It’s like in The States, where a lot of the shows have been “biggest ever” since the November 8th elections, where California and others joined the pioneer states and voted in legal adult use.

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Creating Awareness with Michael Mayes

I was scrolling on my LinkedIn one morning, with coffee in hand and came across an interesting commentary. This caught my eye because it had to do with an advocate for medical cannabis and the debate became obviously heated. This exemplified some of the stigmas our industry faces today and led me to having a very interesting conversation with Michael Mayes, cannabis licensing consultant and CEO of Quantum 9. Continue reading “Creating Awareness with Michael Mayes”