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Budd Token aims to be a blockchain-based banking solution for the cannabis industry. This has long been a pain point for cannabis companies, as they are unable to open bank accounts and can deal only in cash. Budd Token will allow these companies to accept payment in forms of cryptocurrency, while providing invoicing and distribution solutions.

ICO Overview
June 4, 2018
Token Symbol:
1 BUDD = $0.75 USD
Our Rating:

Hard Cap:
Soft Cap:
Min Investment:
Max Investment:
% Sold in ICO:
% Held by Team:
Total Coin Supply: 200M
Lock Up Period: TBD
KYC: China, USA, Canada, and S. Korea Cannot Participate
Bonus Details: Pre-Sale: 15% – 25%
Competitors: PotCoin, HempCoin, CannabisCoin

The Product:

The Budd Banking Solution to the Cannabis Industry

The Blockchain technology provides a medium for regulating the purchase, sale, and dispensation of cannabis as it offers an invariable ledger that greases on the crypto-tokens developed on the smart contracts. The Budd transaction will be instant and secured with our state-of-art cryptography. Equally, the integrity of the Blockchain will be achieved and premised on the efficient and resistant proof of work by ASIC.

This vital model enables us to fill several processes and operational gaps for the global cannabis industry. The use of the Blockchain cryptocurrency technology is the next logical step in the growth and development and of Budd’s platform. This is because it allows the event of a structure that solves many of the problems that surround the sales, purchases, and logistics of the cannabis industry.

Generate External Invoices
With our awesome invoice templates, you can instantly generate invoices for your clients to bill them online. Ability to download PDF invoices. With this, you can bill your client through our invoices

Suitable For Every Business
To use Budd payment gateway, you do not need to have any certificate or special skill. Your knowledge of how cryptocurrency works are suffcient. What you need is just your Budd merchant account and integrate the payment solution in your website

Easy & Fast Transactions
All the transactions are carried out on a peer to peer basis. Once you initiate the transactions, it will be completed within 10-15 seconds. It is also fast and secured.

Budd Wallet
The sending of BUDD token is convenient and easy with the Budd Wallet. We also plan to unveil the Budd Mobile app for our android and IOS. In our upcoming releases, the developer and technical team will develop other mobile platforms.

Specifically built on a total secure code of the blockchain, the Budd Wallet is developed to oversee a more secure and quicker crypto transaction among the budd community within seconds. Moreover, the Budd wallet is well configured to ensure a user-friendly interface.

Budd attempts to pull the cannabis industry from the marginalized to the mainstream network by incorporating Blockchain into the components of the cannabis community. We have our strengths in the unique cannabis and Blockchain connection through the use of smart contracts. As we believe in the benefits and potentials of marijuana, we also believe in the technology of Blockchain.

As we move closer to the legalization of cannabis, we think that more and more uses of cannabis are coming to the forefronts of the Canadian economy, and we want to celebrate the process and development.

The Team:

Paresh Khatri, CEO Founder of new blockchain Cannabis Company Budd. Budd Token is a cryptocurrency for the globally legalized cannabis markets. We are a blockchain banking solution for the cannabis industry.

Jack Bensimon, CCO Advises various crypto issuers spanning multiple verticals (Internet properties, financial services, cannabis, MSBs) and jurisdictions (US, Canada, UK, Russia). Advises various regulated crypto exchanges in setting them up around the world.

Vick Kohli, CMO Founder and Marketing Director of a few different FinTech startups.

Liora Katzenstein, Strategic Advisor Her education spans business, law, psychology, and economics. She obtained her education in the USA MALD in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University, Boston and a Visiting Doctoral Scholarship at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration-, and in Switzerland – a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies at the University of Geneva


Q3 2017 – Concept Developments
– Research into Blockchain technology and a push towards the legalization of the global cannabis industry. A feasible study of all the possible Blockchain technologies will be carried out.
– The Research and development team will start to work on ideas and differentiate it based on the initial prototype of the BuddToken.
– Finalize the possible solutions in the industry and integrating the third party tools like mobile and web wallet which will be used with the BuddToken.

Q4 2017 – Testing the Performance of Our Coin
– Our development team tests the token performance
– The development team is looking into a test-net development to ensure that everything works well during the development stage.
– Launch the fully functional working website including the introduction of the coin.
– Prepare & launch BuddToken ICO to begin the crowdsale process.

Q1 2018 – Initial Coin Launch
– Web wallet test net launch
– Budd Payment gateway sandbox

Q2 2018 – Pre-Sale ICO
– ICO Sale
– Budd Mobile Wallet
– Final testing of Web Wallet
– Purchasing and renovating buildings for Budd will begin immediately

Q3 2018 – BUDD Wallet Launch
– Budd Payment Gateway Core testing
– Mobile wallet testnet
– Budd Payment Gateway offcial launch

Q4 2018 – Upvote/downvote capability on the online dashboard
– Doctor database with full verification
– Dispensary Regulation and Certification
– Service provider database for members to easily access services
– Database for cannabis favorable journalists, attorneys, equipment manufacturers, marketing, PR, etc
– Budd Mobile Wallet Launch
– Further Development of Budd

Our Rating
Token Dist:

Final Thoughts:

We’re a huge fan of any blockchain integration in the cannabis industry, as it provides an obvious solution to one of the industries most difficult challenges. Budd Token stands out because of the team they on board, full of experience in compliance issues facing the cannabis and blockchain spaces. That coupled with their vast connections in the cannabis industry, this platform should stand a great chance at gaining traction and attracting cannabis producers.


Website: http://buddtoken.com/

Whitepaper: http://buddtoken.com/assets/doc/Budd_Whitepaper.pdf

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